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Vitamin D supplementation in patients on chronic dialysis does not improve markers of cardiovascular function

Posted on: April 7, 2014   by  Will Hunter


A recent randomized controlled trial published in BMC Nephrology found no improvement in various markers of cardiovascular function in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis after supplementing with vitamin D.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) describes loss of function of the kidneys over a minimum of three months. The disease progressively becomes more severe over time. People with severe CKD need treatment known as dialysis to keep them alive and healthy. Dialysis is a process that artificially removes waste and excess water from the blood in people with impaired kidney function.

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4 Responses to Vitamin D supplementation in patients on chronic dialysis does not improve markers of cardiovascular function

  1. IAW

    So apparently they wanted to do the “The first randomized, placebo-controlled,
    double-blinded, study”. It appears (sadly) that they already knew that “previous prospective
    studies that showed benefits of vitamin D supplementation”, “involved higher doses
    of vitamin D”. So why oh why did they not use one of those “higher” amounts for their study?
    Honestly maybe they could have even used a “higher amount of D3” than what the other studies used.

  2. [email protected]

    Yes, higher doses are needed, and do help.
    Study in May 2012
    Need at least 80 ng of vitamin D if have chronic kidney disease

  3. Rita and Misty

    As quoted from the above article: “The vitamin D levels in the group receiving supplementation increased significantly from 11 ng/ml to 33.6 ng/ml.”

    We in the vitamin D community recognize that 33.6 ng/ml is an insufficient 25(OH)D level (in general.)

    I wonder what the results would have been if researchers aimed for an optimal 25(OH)D level–50 ng/ml.

  4. Magic

    I am sure that larger amounts of D3 would have been “scary good.” Scary bad however for Big Pharma.

    I was extremely pleased to see that a doctor, Dr Baker, has 7000 patients on D3 and has documented his work. So many times have I tried to help people who might be interested but are told by the doctor that “vitamin d is toxic.” I am sending my friends to his blog as well as here from now on.

    I also have emailed Dr Baker’s blog to my lists and to an Oregon Duck sports site that I have been on for years.


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