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Vitamin D supplementation for hepatitis C patients

Posted on: January 23, 2012   by  John Cannell, MD


By the time I finished medical school in 1976, “non A, non B hepatitis” was a fairly common diagnosis after a blood transfusion. Twenty years later, they discovered the culprit, named it “hepatitis C,” and finally had a way to test for the virus in transfused blood. This reduced the risk of blood transfusion-associated hepatitis in the U.S. from 30% in 1970 to virtually zero in 2000.

However, every year, about 10,000 Americans still die from hepatitis C. In the world, about 150 million people are infected. In the USA, much of the infection is due to intravenous drug use, while in the developing world, contaminated blood transfusions are still the culprit. Egypt has a very high rate of hepatitis C infection (>20%) due to a failed mass-treatment campaign for a parasitic disease (snail fever), using improperly cleaned syringes.

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1 Response to Vitamin D supplementation for hepatitis C patients

  1. Garnet

    Just in time. One of my neighbours is a long term AIDS survivor with Hep. At this point he only has about 10% of his liver working. He really is a long term SURVIVOR having come through the early years when we were still learning details about the illness. He dealt with all the opportunistic infections etc. and recently had a MRSA infection in the brain which was drained and has left him with some deterioration. He is having minor seizures periodically and I believe they are investigating this. Perhaps some remnant from the MRSA draining, or possibly med imbalance. He is undergoing radiation to remove cysts or cancer? they are investigating. I believe he is on a liver transplant list, but…

    In any event he is a survivor with a strong work ethic and a generous soul. Your news on Hep C and Vit D I will share with him. I had encouraged Vit D some time ago. suggesting he work his way up to 5000 daily. but not sure he followed up. I will check on him tomorrow with greater urgency.

    Thank you for your wonderful work. you are an ambassador from the Sun and Vitamin D is sunseeds. I know the best is yet to come…

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