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Vitamin D Podcast 05: Dr. David Ayoub and infantile rickets

Posted on: January 31, 2015   by  Vitamin D Council


Vitamin D Podcast 05: Dr. David Ayoub and Infantile Rickets

We’ve released the fifth episode of the vitamin D Podcast. You can listen to all previous episodes here.

We release one episode per month, each focused on a different area of research or theme related to vitamin D.

You can download and listen to the episodes in these blog posts on our website. All episodes are also available on iTunes.

Here are the show notes for this episode:

In this episode, Dr. Cannell talks to Dr. David Ayoub, a radiologist from Springfield, Illinois who has been involved in hundreds of misdiagnosed rickets cases.

Dr. Ayoub talks about how large number of infantile rickets cases are being misdiagnosed as child abuse and why these cases are going unnoticed. Dr. Ayoub also talks about how many of the mothers in these cases are diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, an inherited connective disorder that shares many of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

We conclude this episode with a brief discussion on vitamin D during pregnancy and early life, as well as answer a few listener questions.


Dr. David Ayoub


Ehlers-Danlos Sydrome



3 Responses to Vitamin D Podcast 05: Dr. David Ayoub and infantile rickets

  1. Laura

    Very impressed by the interview. The AAP’s policy change makes me want to bang my fists on the floor. But I guess we all have bad long-term memory.

  2. IAW

    God Bless You Dr. Ayoub!

  3. Rita Celone Umile

    Thank you. Very interesting. Sorry it took so long for me to listen to this clip, but life has truly (truly) been busy for me recently. Glad I finally got to this though.

    Dr. Ayoub and Dr. Holick should team up together.

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