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Vitamin D Podcast 04: History of Dr. John Cannell and Vitamin D Council

Posted on: November 30, 2014   by  Vitamin D Council

Vitamin D Podcast 04: History of Dr. John Cannell and Vitamin D Council


We’ve released the fourth episode of the Vitamin D Podcast. If you missed the other episodes, you can download and listen to them, here.

We release one episode per month, each focused on a different area of research or theme related to vitamin D.

You can download and listen to the episodes in these blog posts on our website. All episodes are also available on iTunes.

Here are the show notes for this episode:

The Vitamin D Council has a long history and was founded by a passionate man of many advocacies. Dr. John Cannell founded the Vitamin D Council in 2003, but his life’s work includes campaigns against smoking, school cheating, and more recently helping parents accused of child abuse to discern if fractures are a result of vitamin D deficiency and infantile rickets.

In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Dr. John Cannell for a one-on-one conversation highlighting his life’s work, his path to forming the Vitamin D Council, and what the future holds for the Council.

We also answer some listener questions from the community.


Dr. John Cannell


Dr. John Cannell’s biography

New York Times article covering Dr. Cannell’s anti-smoking campaign

New York Times article covering the national standardized testing scandal

2 Responses to Vitamin D Podcast 04: History of Dr. John Cannell and Vitamin D Council

  1. Rita Celone Umile

    Well I am so glad I made the time to listen to this podcast. Thank you, VDC! 🙂

  2. [email protected]

    The transcript as well as a speedup up version which can be listened to in 40% less time is available at

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