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Vitamin D linked to decrease risk of stress fractures in adolescent girls

Posted on: April 2, 2012   by  John Cannell, MD


Take a minute and give thanks to all the hundreds of thousands of scientists in the world who work, sometimes at relatively mediocre wages, trying to further our understanding of the world. Take Dr. Kendrin Sonneville and colleagues at Children’s Hospital in Boston who spent several years of their lives studying more than 6,000 girls, age 9-15, to see if they could, in part, unravel the mystery surrounding stress fractures.

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2 Responses to Vitamin D linked to decrease risk of stress fractures in adolescent girls

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    A few items on vitamin D reduces sports injuries:
    Half as many fractures for girls with high vitamin D intake – March 2012
    Teenage knee injury 4X increase in last decade in Philadelphia – Oct 2011
    Concussions increased 60 percent in a decade – perhaps due to vitamin D
    Another outdoor sport produces more bone than indoor sport – vitamin D Sept 2010
    Ballet Dancers with low D had 50 percent more injuries – pilot study Sept 2011
    Book on Sports and vitamin D – Aug 2011 – by Dr. Cannell
    More muscle injuries in NFL players who were low on vitamin D – July 2011
    Perhaps Stress fractures 2X less frequent if 4000 IU of vitamin D – June 2011
    Injury-Prevention with Vitamin D – Feb 2010
    Vitamin D reduces stress fractures – review Oct 2010
    Story – Prevent injuries and speed healing with vitamin D – Jan 2010
    Shin splints decrease with vitamin D

    The above is a subset of the articles on Vitamin D and Sports

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    Reminder It takes more than just Vitamin D to build bones
    500 mg Calcium, 500 mg Magnesium, 5-10 mg Vitamin K2, 5-10 mg Boron, 2 mg Silicon: 2
    Blog posted March 27, 2012

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