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Doctors and healthcare professionals who use Vitamin D testing and supplementation in the treatment of patients or clients.

Listings and/or links are provided for the courtesy of our guests and should not be construed as an endorsement by the Vitamin D Council of the content of the linked materials or services of the practitioners.

The healthcare professionals listed are in no way affiliated with the Vitamin D Council.


Vitamin D Council is no longer accepting submissions for our Vitamin D Healthcare Providers directory. This is due to the following reasons: 1) limited usage of directory by our site guests, indicating time required for maintenance of directory would be better spent elsewhere. 2) as the number of doctors including vitamin D testing in their practice increases, the necessity for this directory will eventually become obsolete.

Due to the aforementioned, Vitamin D Council will not be including this directory on our new site due to be released in December of this year. We thank every practitioner who has submitted their practice for inclusion in the Vitamin D Council's Healthcare Practitioners directory. Most of all, we thank all of you for your interest in, and dedication to, the vitamin D movement.

Important — Before using the Vitamin D Council's Vitamin D Healthcare Professionals Database, please see terms of use.


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