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Vitamin D Council Podcast 20: cognitive impairment

Posted on: July 25, 2018   by  Vitamin D Council


The 20th episode of the Vitamin D Council podcast has arrived! You can listen to all previous episodes here.

In today’s episode, Missy Sturges interviews our Board Member, Dr. Robyn Balden, to discuss the relationship between vitamin D and cognitive impairment. In addition, Dr. Balden highlights an Alzheimer’s trial she is currently involved in, shares her recommendations for vitamin D supplementation and emphasizes the importance of addressing vitamin D deficiency from a prevention standpoint.

About Dr. Robyn Balden

Dr. Robyn Balden is a physician scientist conducting medical research for clinical trials at the Texas Center for Drug Development in Houston, TX. Formerly a resident anesthesiologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA and a neuroscientist at Texas A&M Health Science Center in College Station, TX. Her passion involves vitamin D and neuroinflammation, neuroimmunology and neuroendocrinology. She has written several academic papers on vitamin D and is a member of the Vitamin D Council’s Board of Directors as well as a volunteer writer, podcast contributor, and graphic designer for the Vitamin D Council.

About the Vitamin D Council

The Vitamin D Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in California, United States. We’re here to educate patients, families, doctors and health professionals on vitamin D and safe, sensible sun exposure.

Our Medical Director, Dr. John Cannell, founded the Vitamin D Council in 2003 upon a renewed interest in clinical nutrition while working as a psychiatrist at the Atascadero State Hospital. As he began to study vitamin D, Dr. Cannell quickly realized that public recommendation for vitamin D were way off the mark. He concluded that if one avoids the sun and then strictly follows public recommendations, one will eventually become vitamin D deficient. This knowledge led Dr. Cannell to form the Vitamin D Council to educate the public on the importance of vitamin D. 

Recently, Dr. Cannell updated our Health Condition page dedicated to vitamin D and Alzheimer’s disease. Click here to read his summary of this important topic. 

Listen for a chance to win

We encourage you to tune in to this podcast to learn how you can be in the running to win a free in-home vitamin D test kit! This opportunity is available in recognition of our Summer Fundraiser, which is currently underway. Check out our website, https://pledgevitamindcouncil.org to support the Vitamin D Council in our mission to end the vitamin D deficiency pandemic.


Sturges, M., & Balden, R. Vitamin D Council podcast 20: vitamin D and cognitive impairment. The Vitamin D Council Blog & Newsletter, July 25, 2018.







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    interesting podcast

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