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Vitamin D Council Podcast 18: depression and type II diabetes

Posted on: January 10, 2018   by  Vitamin D Council


The 18th episode of the Vitamin D Council Podcast has arrived! You can listen to all previous episodes here.

Here are the show notes for this episode:

In the latest VDC podcast, Missy Sturges interviews Dr. Sue Penckofer to learn more about the role of vitamin D in depression among those with type II diabetes (T2DM).

Dr. Sue Penckofer is a nurse researcher. She focuses on cardiovascular risk reduction and improving the quality of life in those with diabetes and those at risk for diabetes. In addition, she is a full-time professor in the School of Nursing at Loyola University Chicago and has a research program targeting interventions to improve depression and self-management of those with diabetes.

Dr. Penckofer’s passion for public health led her to develop and test a novel psychoeducational program that uses cognitive behavioral therapy (called SWEEP) for treating depressed women with type 2 diabetes. This program was published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine.  

She is currently examining the use of vitamin D supplementation as a treatment option for depressed women with diabetes with pilot data that was recently published in the Journal of Diabetes Research.  Now, Dr. Penckofer and her team are finishing a randomized clinical trial to determine the benefit of vitamin D supplementation (5000 or 50,000 IU week) for depression in women with type 2 diabetes with results forthcoming in early 2018.

In this episode, the Vitamin D Council and Dr. Pencocker delve deeper into the relationship between T2DM and depression. We also discuss the mechanisms by which vitamin D may impact mental health outcome among those with this T2DM and some of the barriers that prevent vitamin D deficiency from being addressed by the medical community.


Sue Penckofer, PhD, RN, FAAN.





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