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Vitamin D Council Podcast 01: Sun exposure and health

Posted on: August 11, 2014   by  Vitamin D Council


We are excited to announce the first episode of our new podcast.

The Vitamin D Council Podcast is meant to be an ongoing discussion for all things vitamin D. Each episode will be centered on a particular topic pertaining to vitamin D. We will base each topic on a specific study or issue that is gaining a lot of attention at the time.

In these podcasts, we will be interviewing prominent vitamin D researchers, discussing important new research, and covering the latest news regarding vitamin D. The podcast will also be a means to update our listeners on new developments within the Vitamin D Council.

Here are the show notes for our first episode:

In this first episode, Dr. Cannell sits down with Dr. Pelle Lindqvist to discuss his recent research on the association between sun exposure and all-cause mortality. They talk about why Dr. Lindqvist conducted the study, the surprising results he found, and the unpublished data he plans to release in a future study.

Dr. William Grant, Vitamin D Council board member, joins Dr. Cannell to discuss the recent Surgeon General Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer report that advised against sun exposure. Dr. Grant explains why the report is flawed and evaluates the evidence to assess the risks and benefits of sun exposure.

The Vitamin D Council and Dr. Cannell also provide their own feedback on Dr. Lindqvist’s study and the Surgeon General report.


Dr. Pelle Lindqvist

Dr. William Grant


UVA+B SunFriend

Biotech Pharmacal vitamin D supplements

Surgeon General Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer (pdf)

Vitamin D Council blog on Dr. Lindqvist’s study

Vitamin D Council blog on Dr. Brondum-Jacobsen’s study

Vitamin D Council fundraising website

5 Responses to Vitamin D Council Podcast 01: Sun exposure and health

  1. Rita and Misty

    Amazing. What a great idea. You ALL were EXCELLENT. Please do more of these. Perhaps with a video ? 😉

    I’m so very grateful for your fortitude.

  2. Will Hunter

    Thanks Rita, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    We are planning to do more in the future, so stay tuned.

  3. Rita and Misty

    We were intended to receive sunshine. Indeed, all life as we know it exists because of Oxygen + Water + Sunshine…. Appropriate sunshine needs to be re-evaluated. My mom is a 26+ year survivor of Melanoma. She did her own research and increased both her oral vitamin D supplementation as well as her sun exposure (of course never to the point of burning). Vitamin D and sunshine are essential to surviving Melanoma. Please research scientific journal articles. The information is available.

  4. SteveGilroy

    Great first pod cast, keep doing them. Someone should do some research using the SunFriend on how much D we make outside. I’ve been using it over the summer and I have only made 1000IU twice in a day. The UV Index on the SunFriend has always been very close to the UV index on the Weather Channel. The wristband seem to be accurate. The only time I really make D is when the UV index is above 3 and my shadow is shorter than I am. I don’t seem to make D when I walk my dog in the morning or after work. The temperature here in the Sunny Okanogan has been around 30C since the first of July. I don’t know if we actually make 10,000 to 20,000IU in 20 minutes. The SunFriend has never allowed me to sunburn either.

  5. Yasir Mahmood

    Thanks and congratulations to all vitamin d council member. I am waiting for a video pod cast with more information in this issue.


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