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Vitamin D Council launches fundraiser

Vitamin D Council launches fundraiser

Posted on: July 29, 2013   by  Vitamin D Council


SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA — The Vitamin D Council launched a fundraiser today, in effort to raise $50,000 in thirty days. The fundraiser is taking place at https://pledge.vitamindcouncil.org.

The Vitamin D Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, working to educate the public on vitamin D, sun exposure and health. The organization relies on donations from individuals to stay afloat.

The funds raised in the campaign will be used to support Vitamin D Council general operations, things like employee wages, rent, utilities, and website maintenance. If successful, the Vitamin D Council may have enough money to further improve its website and continue to build a large community of people involved in public health.

“Our idea is to continue to build a vitamin D community, a community that can go out and educate others on vitamin D,” says Executive Director Dr John Cannell. “That’s how we’ve been using raised funds in the past and that’s how we’ll continue to use funds now and in the future.”

In exchange for donations this fundraiser, the Vitamin D Council is offering memberships and sun-themed prints. The prints were designed by artist Claire Dierksen, created specifically for this fundraiser. She created a series of three prints, titled “Rising/Setting,” “50/50” and “Flora Solis.”

Donations of $100 are eligible for one 18×24 inch print. Donations of $250 or more are eligible for the entire series. In addition to the prints, there are perks for even larger donations and smaller donations, too.

“We can use any kind of help we can get,” says Brant Cebulla, Development Director of the Vitamin D Council. “We want people donating as little as $1 or as much as they can give. We just want to get people involved.”

For more information on the fundraiser, visit https://pledge.vitamindcouncil.org.

3 Responses to Vitamin D Council launches fundraiser

  1. D-fiant

    With regard to building the community I feel that the website needs a better forum setup.

    At the moment I tend to drift off the topic.

    Could we have another communication section where we can go to for when we go off topic?

    Also can we have an auto / email message sent to us when our blogs are answered so we don’t have to check all the time.

    As a further idea, ( similar to above) can we tick a box that will allow an email to be sent should there be any communication on a particular topic, even if it is not in response to one of our questions. Maybe this last idea could cover both ideas?

    Best regards

    • Brant Cebulla


      I love all your ideas/suggestions here, some of them we have lined up or thought about lining up in the future. There are a lot of little tweaks and features we want to add to the site to make it a better experience for everyone. We’ll definitely try to implement both of your email message suggestions.

      We have thought about launching a discussion forum, though these can go terribly bad if not carefully implemented. To start, we wanted to establish a blog first, and make sure we had enough interest in interactive discussion. The general feeling now is that we do, and we’re starting to think about how to take this to the next step the right way. Which is one of the reasons why we’re launching this fundraiser — right now we don’t have much money to do many “next step” website improvements.

      Are you more interested in private discussion (personal message system) or public discussion (forum, open topics)?


  2. Rita and Misty

    Salutations and Greetings!

    D-fiant and Brant~~I think you both know I’m passionate about the Vitamin D Council and love to write on the blogs..

    And, I think you both know that I optimistically hope that one day the Vitamin D Council may expand its programs.

    I’m also very clear on how I feel that the Vitamin D Council is an impeccable nonprofit organization. It’s so difficult to find trusty worthy information on the web now-a-days. The Vitamin D Council is in my opinion such a valuable organization precisely because it is up-to-date, reliable, objective and ethical in its information and how it is presented.

    Brant, this is thanks to your daily efforts, to Kate (whom I miss already), and of course, to Dr. John Cannell and Dr. Bill Grant.

    Brant, uncertain if you have seen this link before. You probably have, but if not–check it out:


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