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Vitamin D-binding protein levels likely unimportant in vitamin D status

Posted on: May 20, 2014   by  [email protected]


Last December I wrote about a study in the New England Journal of Medicine by Powe et al. that suggested the amount of bioavailable vitamin D was about the same in blacks and whites living in the United States, although it is well known that total levels of vitamin D are much lower in U.S. blacks. The study suggested, based on the bone-mineral density paradox (blacks typically have higher BMD than whites), that vitamin D status has nothing to do with the health differences between U.S. blacks and whites, although vitamin D status has been associated with racial health disparities in at least 27 other studies.

Bioavailable vitamin D is defined as 25(OH)D that is not bound to vitamin D-binding protein (DBP), a blood protein similar to the major blood protein, albumin, but much less abundant.

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    Here are 15 studies on Vitamin D binding Protein
    Here are the titles
    Vitamin D can be somewhat blocked by Vitamin D Binding Protein – May 2014
    Vitamin D binding protein: a multifunctional protein of clinical importance – book chapter May 2014
    Bone density correlates better with free D (calculated) rather than measured vitamin D – Jan 2014
    5X less risk of Kidney cancer if good ratio of Vitamin D binding protein to circulating vitamin D – Nov 2013
    One test to estimate Vitamin D, A, Cu, Se, etc : measure proteins in blood – Oct 2013
    Hypothesis: Vitamin D Binding Protein limits vitamin D benefits outside of kidney too– Oct 2013
    Response to vitamin D related to DBP and CYP2RI genes – Aug 2013
    4,000 IU vitamin D did not change 25OHD to Vitamin D Binding Protein ratio for obese – RCT April 2013
    Common Vitamin D gene variants and resulting diseases – Jan 2013
    Vitamin D level can be high, but little benefit: due to kidney, genes, low Magnesium etc.
    Late-stage MS associated with protein in spinal cord which blocks vitamin D – Jan 2013
    Vitamin D Binding Protein, And Airflow In COPD – April 2012
    Pancreatic Cancer with high levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin D Binding Protein – Mar 2012
    Type 1 diabetes patients may be pissing away vitamin D – Jan 2011
    How vitamin D helps the lung via vitamin D-binding protein – May 2010

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