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Regarding vitamin D supplementation: what would be the reason for very high dose (50,000 IU) of vitamin D2? Is there a reason why a doctor wouldn't prescribe a lower dose of vitamin D3 since it's more bioavailable? I was searching in pubmed and can't find anything. Thanks!

Asked by  jaimewindrow96964400 on September 19, 2015

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    See title

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    Sorry not all doctors are up to date with the latest Vitamin D information! It is why the Vitamin D Council exists.
    You are correct Vitamin D3 is much better for humans to take then D2. If you have been prescribed 50,000iu of D2 once a week you can substitute 50,000iu of D3 ONCE a week. We at the Vitamin D Council recommend taking Vitamin D in smaller amounts everyday. So if you are deficient, then if you take 50,000 iu / 7days you get about 7000-8000 iu a day. After the prescribed amount of time, and your levels have increased, then you can probably drop back to a maintenance dosage of 5000 iu. (Safe upper limit right now is 10,000 iu a day or a blood level no greater than 150ng/ml. We recommend a blood level of 50 ng/ml or slightly higher to be healthy.

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