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Quest Diagnotics vs. LabCorp results: Buried deep inside this site I read there was difference between Quest's numbers and LabCorp, and I am trying to figure out what my real results are. My very depressed young adult daughter–who ALWAYS becomes depressed in November and doesn't come out of it until early March– was tested through Quest and her results were 37 ng/ml. How does that compare to the LabCorp scale, and of the two, which is the more accurate? It turns out my daughter is also deficient in B12 and Folate–which we began supplementing immediately–but she just learned of her VD3 score, and I am now giving her 10,000 IU daily plus K2 and MgCitrate. We live in Florida and all experience VD3 deficiency, despite the fact that we have a boat, a pool, and do outdoor work! Mine level has been as low as 17 and my husband 19. Thanks for any input.

Asked by  kimanjo78271600 on November 24, 2015

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