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Not able to tolerate vitamin D2/3 orally. I believe I have a allergic reaction to taking pills or capsules because each time I try supplements my lips would swell and can't sleep at night with out interruptions . The adverse affects last for a week and a half and my dosages ranges from 5000iu to 200iu, no matter how low the effects are the same. I live in the north east of the states, tried to get more sun but I don't feel I get enough or stay out long enough to reap the benefits of the ray but I also don't want any chance of skin cancer. Interestingly I was on a trip over seas few years back and I was exposed to the sun all day till the point my skin got a good tan. This is possibly the most time I felt alive physically and mentally but of course when I got back to the states it all went down hill from there. I was wondering if vitamin d injections would be a alternative choice to supplement my low vitamin d levels. Thanks

Asked by  ludwig on February 9, 2017

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