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My MD prescribed a Vit D level test during my annual medical exam last May (2015). Medicare denied payment, twice. The Physican's office and lab reinstituted a new bill with a code change and resubmitted to Medicare. Once again, I have been informed that they denied coverage for this test. The lab is charging me $247. for this common, and what we all feel is a medically necessary, test to check and maintain my health at age 73. I am sending printed copies, haven't yet spent $247 for the copies but may, along with my Challenge to Medicare to ask again for coverage for this standard test. Do you have any other suggestions to assist those of us who are interested in using testing to check our Vit D levels to make sure that medical conditions related to Vit D Deficiency are not being encountered due to this lack? Thanks for all you are doing to keep up pharma free and healthy.

Asked by  barbarageorge.indy42855400 on December 1, 2015

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