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My GP told me my vitamin D was very low, and he prescribed 800iu vitamin d3 to take daily for 3 months. After 3 months the vitamin d level had not gone up, so he said to keep taking the tablets and have another blood test 3 months after that. This has now been going on for about 4 years! Every few months they request another blood test and the level is still the same. At first he said it was ‘odd’ and then after I brought it up a second time he said he didn’t think I was being honest about taking the tablets every day, which is annoying because I’m desperate to get it back to normal and feel well again so I take them every day without fail! I live in the UK so we don’t really get any sun in the winter, but last summer I literally BAKED myself all day every time the sun was out in an effort to get the level to go up – but it didn’t. I am taking a magnesium supplement daily as well. I also tried taking a higher dose of vitamin D (2000iu daily) for 3 months and that didn’t make a difference either. I also tried taking it as an under-the-tongue spray instead of capsules to see if it was a problem with my stomach not absorbing it properly, but still no luck. I had a blood test last week and they said it still hasn’t gone up, so again he just prescribed more of the 800iu tablets and said to have another test in 3 months. I don’t know what to do – surely it should have gone up a bit by now? Could there be a medical reason why it would still be so low? Or am I just not taking a high enough dose? My doctors don’t seem to be taking it seriously. Any advice would be massively appreciated!

Asked by  Anon on February 9, 2017

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