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My 5 year old son is currently on 1,000 iu D3, since September, and just got his serum D level which is 30 ng/ml, his doctor says to keep this dose until April and then no vitamin D until the next cold season, but I've noticed a dramatic change in his behavior every autumn, he is more inattentive, runs along the fences, is moody and looks tired all the time, he doesn't have a diagnosis of autism or adhd, because he didn't meet enough criteria, although every autumn he looks like having these conditions; I would try to increase his dose, but not sure how much to give him (he weights 44 lbs), also he takes Omega3 at the same time with D3, and on the bottle is written vitamin A intake: 90-195 iu. Is it ok to continue mix them? Thank you in advance for your answering!

Asked by  ana schp on December 7, 2015

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