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I've began to supplement Vitamin d3&k2 combo. D3:3000IE / K2: 45ug. I felt great the first month, my sleep decreased like 2 hours in total by first day and i still felt energized, it further decreased 2 hours after a month and i felt tired, got insomnia for a while so i started use even more magnesium. 1600mg of magnesium citrate&lysin chelate= 486mg elemental, wasn't enough. So i used chloride magnesium and that saved my insomnia so i can fall asleep, that gives probably atleast 2000 elemental with my rub, an ounce gives 3262mg elemental magnesium!. I still have problems sleeping a whole night. I go to bed at 9 and waking up at 3 and are tired, thirsty and having a headache usually. I thought to myself that i got hypercalcemia due to my symptoms. I did use alot of calcium as supplement because i couldn't fall asleep without it either, so i guess my whole mineral supplies are unbalanced to say the least. I did however had no issues with supplements before i introduced vitamin d3 to my diet. Am i sensitive to the type of vitamin d3 in my supplement? Are there different vitamin d3 sources? Should i stick to a lower dose?

Asked by  Anton Mullis on December 10, 2015

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