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I've been supplementing 5000iu per day over the last 3+ years. I work indoors and go to school so I don't get as much sun as I used to but still try to get a little when I can. A recent blood test showed my vit D, 25-hydroxy at 69.3 ng/ml. My practitioner said that looks great and to keep doing what I'm doing. A recent podcast from a trusted source recommended levels of 50 ng/ml and not to go much above or beyond that level. I know my level isn't that far off but it's the highest it's been in my life. Do I continue doing what I have been or should I cut back on supplementation? Other Factors in line with this topic: I eat a clean paleo diet with plenty of fatty fish, grassfed beef, egg yolks etc. 28 year old fairly active male 150lbs Caucasian, fair skinned I live in KY, United States I also supplement with: Vitamin K2 Cod Liver Oil Magnesium Citrate & Chloride I saw in another thread you recommended against taking CLO and Mag citrate (or any other forms ending in "ate"). To my knowledge nearly all other trusted sources I follow recommended the complete opposite. The reason being is that humans don't convert beta-carotene into the active Vitamin A form very efficiently and the "ate" forms of magnesium are the most bioavailable. Can you please explain your position so I better understand? Finally based upon info from the same sources, I don't supplement any form of calcium but i see you recommend to. Being that I do take mag daily, would it be in my best interest to add a calcium supplement? If so, what form and dosage? Thanks!

Asked by  nkwrig0170182800 on October 12, 2015

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