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I'm so surprised about my results with Vitamin D and magnesium supplements. I have Hashimoto's disease (thryoid autoimmune disease) and have been improving my health since 2012. In December 2014, my doctor was not happy with my cholesterol level (262), LDL (172), Triglycerides (150). She wanted to put me on medicine and I said "no, just give me 3 months." I had not been taking vitamin D3 lately and my level for 25-hydroxy was at 29.1 ng/ml. I made a lot of changes that I had been wanting to try all at once, so I can not attribute everything to taking vitamin D3, but I do notice when I am not taking all of my supplements. I went gluten and mostly grain free and was taking 15,000-20,000 IU D3, 800 mg Magnesium Glycinate, 1000 mcg K2, and 400 mg selenium. In March my cholesterol was down (238), LDL down (160), Triglycerides down (105), thyroid antibodies down (from 91 to 65). My 25-hydroxy tested at 112 ng/mL so I thought I should cut back a little even though I felt good. I am due for bloodwork again and my goal is to be between 70-90 ng/ml because of my autoimmune disease. Here's what I notice if I'm not good about taking the supplements. When I'm not taking D3 regularly I have knee and ankle pain which went away with high doses. If I don't take 600-800 mg magnesium glycinate or citrate, I get anxious and/or headaches. Today I had a really bad headache and have not been good about taking my magnesium during the last week on vacation (although getting lots of sun). I'm spreading out some magnesium citrate today to avoid gastrointestinal upset, but I expect to be fine by tomorrow. Headache is gone and I have not taken any Ibuprofen. I have not been good about taking vitamin K2 in the last 3 months and I wish there was more information available since I don't want to end up with calcification in my arteries. Has anyone had similar findings?

Asked by  ldcherry68843700 on July 14, 2015

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