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I was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency about 7 months ago and tested a 15.2nl/mg. Dr. put me on d3 50000 units 3 x a week. Between the high does and it being summer time I finally got up to a 98.5 and was feeling amazing! Dr. said that was high enough and decreased it to 50000 2 x a month and a regular daily over the counter dose (1600mg a day). Now it is heading back into fall/winter and with the lower dose and wouldn't you know the symptoms are back after only a month. My first question is…I am just confused on how Vit D works? Is it stored in body? Why such a high dose then a lower dose? Won't it just go back to the low level? At the highest dose of 50,000 3 x a week and being outside daily it was a 98.5. Especially heading into winter shouldn't I have been left on the initial dose? I guess I am just so confused on how it works in our bodies and how to find a maintenance dose in the summer months and the winter.

Asked by  tammy.buck31029900 on October 23, 2015

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