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I recently had bloodwork done, again but I have a new doctor who added the Vitamin D blood test. Her nurse called yesterday, said my bloodwork was normal except my level of Vitamin D was a 9 (Normal is between 30-80) and they called in a prescription for me. I had to get other medicines and didn't have the money to get it yet (I'll get it by the end of this week). However, they did tell me the Vitamin D was 50,000 IU but not sure how often I'm supposed to take it. I have researched and read up on having a Vitamin D deficiency and the symptoms. I have most but recently they have gotten so much worse, the fatigue, pain, depression, headaches/migraines, weight gain, high blood pressure, insomnia/restless sleep, etc. I have always had these but they just seem to be worse. I have also had low iron which can have a few of these symptoms as well. I am tired of feeling like this and I don't have much hope of feeling better any time soon. For energy, I drink too many Red Bull's! With that low of a level and that high of a Vitamin D, when would I start feeling a difference? I know it may not solve all my symptoms but I just want a chance to notice a small improvement! Here's to wishful thinking and hoping! Thank you for your time!

Asked by  MazdaGroupie93546000 on August 18, 2015

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