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I have tested my vitamin d level and its 29 ng/mL , I have read that I should begin with 50,000 IU for 8 weeks then after that take it every month, is this good enough to level it up? And is 5,000 IU a day safe enough to take everyday for lifetime since I don't get any sun exposure.

Asked by  Shana on October 26, 2015

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    Since you are low but not extremely low, for example 10ng/ml, you should be OK going straight to 5000iu a day.
    The 50,000iu once a week is what doctors were taught to do. It is really better if you take it once a day, everyday. Even if you were extremely low, we would still suggest just increasing the 5000iu to 7-8000iu per day.
    Yes, 5000iu is completely safe. (Under any kind of “duress”, ie surgery, severe stress, etc. you may need to take more.) The Vitamin D Council recommends a blood level of 50ng/ml to keep a human healthy.

    Answered by  IAW on

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