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I have suffered with severe tiredness & fatigue coupled with aches & joint pain and pins & needles. Lately it has got worse over the last few months & now my mood is horrendous. I have also put on weight & no matter how healthy I eat or exercise I can't lose a pound. Just been told my Vit D is 37 nmol & that it should be around 50 nmol. I'm confused as I thought the recommendation was for 50 ng/l. My GP has prescribed 800iu per day but I'm not sure this is enough. I'm at Rock bottom & feeling hideous & GP not much help. Keep saying its depression, yes I feel low but because I'm constantly exhausted & feel huge & swollen all the time. Can anyone give me some advise on what Vit D I should be taking? I need to get well again as this is now affecting my life

Asked by  jomorcom46282000 on February 23, 2015

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