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I have lived with AFIB for 15 years. Unsuccessful ablation. Multaq and amiodarone not working well. Diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency 10 weeks ago. Dr. prescribed 50,000 units one time per week for 12 weeks. within 3 days AFID decreased; I have enjoyed 75% LESS AFIB episodes in the 10 weeks I have been on mega dose of Vitamin D. I know I can't stay on 50,000 units per my Dr. I know there seems to be NO correlation between Vitamin D and decrease in AFIB – but it is the ONLY explanation I have. Any information about this OR about how much Vitamin D I can safely take on a maintenance dose schedule after mega dose is done would be appreciated. Thank you

Asked by  elainesylvia71670900 on May 5, 2015

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