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I have just been diagnosed with a D level of 10.5 in the UK. I have been given 5,000 iu by my Dr to be taken every morning. One of my friends sent me this message and i wondered if you could comment and help me please. Comment on HORMONE D? You most likely will not like what I have to say on that subject as taking D3 screws up many things in the body including the liver's ability to make Vitamin A which controls copper via the production of Ceruloplasmin. Unbound copper is horrible for health and leads to disease to include poor thyroid function, copd etc… I think HORMONE D (it's a hormone, not a vitamin) is a very dangerous game. Getting magnesium levels up to 6.5-7.0 RBC will stabilize your active D and storage D levels without any other source other than sunlight daily.

Asked by  theresaewood79555300 on April 2, 2015

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