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I have been Vitamin D deficient (18) for two years now. The first year, I was prescribed 5000 IU of D3 a day for 7 days. I experienced a deepening fissure in my skull visible on my forehead and heart palpitations that could have been unrelated to the D. This year I again in the teens and given my experience last year, I am now on D2 at 50,000 IU a week,which felt great at first. I almost didn't connect my growing weird disability in my left shoulder socket. Almost like my arm is hanging from a ligament, like it is seperating from by body. I have to move my arm in segments. I thought, wow, I am aging suddenly and badly, but now my right arm is on the exact same path, and I finally remembered, how Vit. D had affected me last time. Can you help me understand the relationship? How can I test deficient yearly, but still be so sensitive to Vitamin D? How can I get what I need, without the bone issues? Is a diet modification while taking the Vit. D helpful, if so, how?

Asked by  ANN_KARIE57673000 on April 9, 2015

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