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I have a Vitamin D deficient patient who is feeding a child. Is a dose of oral 60000 units weekly for two months safe for mother as well as child or will it be toxic to her 15 month child?

Asked by  sadarege95024400 on April 11, 2017

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    See title

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  •  Missy Sturges on

    Hi there,
    That’s a great question. We recommend daily vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy/breastfeeding as opposed to bolus dosing. Research has shown that daily dosing of vitamin D is more efficient at raising and maintaining healthy vitamin D levels than weekly or monthly dosing.

    Feel free to check out the study below for more information regarding how dose intervals can affect clinical outcomes:

    Why is daily dosing of vitamin D important?

    Another study aimed to determine the ideal dosage of vitamin D to provide breastfeeding mothers adequate vitamin D in their milk. They found that 6,400 IU vitamin D per day supplied the mother’s milk with adequate vitamin D for her child solely through breast feeding.

    Study shows breastfeeding women need 6,400 IU/day to maintain infants vitamin D levels

    Lastly, if you would like more information regarding our recommendations for vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy and breastfeeding, please feel free to check out the link below:

    Vitamin D during pregnancy and breastfeeding

    I hope you find this helpful, and please don’t hesitate to respond with any other questions you may have!



    Answered by  Missy Sturges on
  •  sadarege95024400 on

    Great information, thanks Madam.

    Answered by  sadarege95024400 on

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