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I have a 16 year old son who has very minimal outdoor exposure! He suffers from severe depression & has his entire childhood. He evens like to keep the blinds closed in his room & on most days, has the light off & sits in a dimly lit room! ( Even though I plead for him to let sunshine in ), Although he has a primary doctor, we have never discussed his vit d level. Without even knowing his level at all, is there a "safe" daily vit d intake that you recommend? I have a strong feeling after several days/hours researching vit d, that his level is low & it surely has an effect on his depression/mood! I have plans to schedule an appointment to have his level checked, but until this time I would love any advice on how much & what type of vit d to give to Elijah. Thank You So Much!

Asked by  andeli199994766200 on December 9, 2015

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