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I had a local lab test 25 OH(D) in early May of 2016. The results were reported as 29L which I assumed meant 29 ng/mL as the references on the sheet were all of the form ng/mL. I get very little sun as my normal awake hours are largely at night. I began taking 5000 units D and 100 mcg K2 daily with breakfast. In October of 2016 I had a second lab test. These results were listed as 51. Again their reference levels were in ng/mL so I assumed 51 ng/mL Early this month a third test reported 31 pg/mL. Their reference range was listed as 18-72 pg/ml, without any breakdown into categories as on previous tests. A picogram being .001 nanogram, my levels seem to have virtually disappeared. Does this change in nomenclature have any reasonable meaning? Guessing that they screwed up the reporting units but not the test, there was still a large drop in my levels while taking the same dose. Aside from the possibility that the manufacturer stopped putting actual active ingredients into their capsules, is this a recognized symptom of anything?

Asked by  ahahx49990300 on March 27, 2017

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