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I am a UK citizen ho is frustrated by the NHS prescribing policy on Vitamin D. I suffer from multiple autoimmune syndromes and 2.5 years ago was found to have a vitamin D level of 12nmol/L at the time I was barely able to walk 20m and had 65% coverage of psoriasis. I as also showing signs of fibromyalgia and/or Lupus and my Sjogrens symptoms were worsening as were my incontinence problems. After 2 months on 50,000IU per week and a further 2 months on 30,000 IU followed by 800 IU per day maintenance I was Psoriasis free, pain free, and continent for the first time in 10 years. My levels had gone up to 80nmol/L and I was swimming up to 3 miles a week, walking my dogs twice a day and working full time. it was at this point therapy stopped and I was left thinking everything would be fine from now on. 2 years on and I am back to square one, all symptoms have returned. My D levels are 56nmol/L and the prescribing guidelines are

Asked by  pippa230169839000 on February 28, 2015

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