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How fast can D drops raise blood level? My daughter was hospitalised at 4 months old, and had her vitamin D tested after 5 days of supplementation with 400iui of vitamin D. We had just started giving her D drops at home sporadically over the few weeks prior to her hospitalization. Her level when tested was 53 ng/ml (132.5 nmol) My own vitamin D level is 5.6 ng/ml (14.0 nmol). I feel like they held off on testing her for as long as they could (5 whole days), so her level would be within normal range. They claimed she had a buckle fracture in her tibia (completely asymptomatic). We have hired our own medical experts and they're telling us it was likely physiologic and not fracture related at all. I call bullshit on the hospital and believe she WAS vitamin D deficient before her hospitalization. Her calcium level was 2.64 nmol Her Alakaline Phos was 328 U/L Her Parathyroid Hormone was 15 ng/L

Asked by  lactivistdoula21465500 on October 19, 2015

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