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Hi there at the end of June i made a 25-hydroxy test my levels where 8 . i went to the doctor and he wrote a prescription to take "Devarol 200000 IU" three Ampoules for the first month and each following the 8 months one ampoule. now i have took the 6 ampoules till now. my level is 18 now. and my doctor told me i dont have to take the other 5 Ampoules! now i want to few things i you may help with – can i stop now as he said ? – did i needed this number of Ampoules at the first ?3 – if i stopped taking the devarol now, would my level be stable again for good ? or do i have to keep tracking it from now on? i dont trust my doctor that much, so i was wondering if you may help me :) thanks in advance , i shall be gratefule for you

Asked by  Ahmed Fathi on October 13, 2015

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    See title

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    So you now have a blood level of 18 and I assume that is measured as ng/ml and not nmol/l? We here at the Vitamin D Council recommend a minimum level of 50ng/ml in order to be healthy. So you should not stop supplementing. When you reach the goal of 50ng/ml then you need to keep supplementing. The only thing that would change this is to be able to either get plenty of sunshine or to use a sunlamp. So unless your habits change you need to continue supplementing or else your levels will decrease fairly quickly.
    We really promote taking Vitamin D on a daily basis it is better for you. At most a larger dose of 50,000 iu once a week but monthly we do NOT recommend. So if you can get over the counter D3, I would do that. You are still very deficient so I would take between 8000-10,000 iu a day until you reach 50ng /ml. (I would test again in two months to make sure you are making progress.) At that point you may be able to take a dose of 5000iu a day to maintain. Everyone is different and you may have to take more. The 5000iu is based on an average person weighing 150lbs.
    You should also read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/ it is very important!
    Let me know if you have any more questions!

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    I can not thank ythu enough for your concern and quick response and care.
    Well…doctor told me , I’ll start use subs with less units than 200000 but didn’t I don’t know how much to be sure.
    I’ll go with your too , and make sure to be able to balance my levels till it hit 50. And I might consider making sometime to come out to the sun daily too .
    Thanks again for every thing.
    And I’ll read the link you provided

    Answered by  Ahmed Fathi on
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    It has already been proved that “Sunshine”, besides the Vitamin D it gives us, is good in other ways for us.So get out as much as you can.
    I realize the doctor “told you what to do”. The Vitamin D Council exists to bring up to date knowledge and facts about Vitamin D to everyone. Old myths need to be dispelled and the knowledge that it is good for us needs to be provided to everyone.

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