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VDC test kit slider
Hi there at the end of June i made a 25-hydroxy test my levels where 8 . i went to the doctor and he wrote a prescription to take "Devarol 200000 IU" three Ampoules for the first month and each following the 8 months one ampoule. now i have took the 6 ampoules till now. my level is 18 now. and my doctor told me i dont have to take the other 5 Ampoules! now i want to few things i you may help with – can i stop now as he said ? – did i needed this number of Ampoules at the first ?3 – if i stopped taking the devarol now, would my level be stable again for good ? or do i have to keep tracking it from now on? i dont trust my doctor that much, so i was wondering if you may help me :) thanks in advance , i shall be gratefule for you

Asked by  Ahmed Fathi on October 13, 2015

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