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Hi , I'm a 25 year old male , I wanted to ask how long does it take for vitamin d deficiency to do damage to the body? I ask because I had a test done a year and a half ago which was 25ng/ml (according to the doctor it's a normal level ) but during this year and a half I avoided the sun almost entirely because of medications I was taking for my acne (accutane ) , and surely my levels droped to a dangerous level of 7 ng/ml now I am taking vitamin d supplements and I no longer have to stay out of the sun so I hope my levels will go up soon , but it is important for me to know whether I should test for calcium levels as well , and whether damage was caused by these dangerous level for this past year ., or the damages that are caused by vitamin d deficiency take longer to appear and effect the body ? Thanks in advance , Dan

Asked by  Dan12 on November 30, 2014

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