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Hi, I'd like some insight as to why I have such bad reaction to all forms of Vitamin D Supplementation? Here are the background facts: I have horrible allergies (food and seasonal) and vitiligo since childhood, generally accepted as an autoimmune disorder. My grandfather my mother and by brother all have autoimmune thyroid disorders. All of us have bad allergies. My suspicion is that my general environmental sensitivity stems from the same reason that my immune system feels the needs to attack my pigment cells. Anyway, my VitD level was tested about a year ago and it was a 12 ng/ml. I tried every supplement known to man (liquid, gel cap, fish based, lanolin based, you name it) in any dose you can think of, and I get the same reaction every time: very nasty agitation, which remits when I stop taking the supplement. This is the same reaction I get from gluten and certain other food sensitivities. I would get this reaction even from just two drops of liquid, equal to just 200 UI, Now here's the interesting thing: I was determined to get my levels up, so I started getting safe sun exposure. I would take my lunch break at the right time of day at the right part of the year, and I managed to get my level up to a 31 in about three months. But after each and every sun exposure in the beginning of the experiment, about a few hours later, I would be filled with such an amazing amount of energy and mental clarity. I would also have extremely vivid dreams the nights of my exposure days. I hadn't dreamt until that point for over a decade. In short, safe sun exposure VitD production proved very beneficial too me and well tolerated. I felt better during that period of my life than any other. But the sunny season is coming on us soon, and I just don't have the time to do this again on a regular basis. I wish I could take supplements. I even tried supplementing with magnesium along with VitD but that didn't help. As additional background, I get nasty agitation from anything that purports to be seritonergic. I've tried SSRIs in the past with disastrous hypomanic (read: agitative) result. My suspicion at this point is that since VitD purports to help depression (which I don't suffer from), that the supplements must be having some sort of seritonergic function for me. But that wouldn't explain why I can tolerate getting my VitD from the sun. Any insight would help. Thanks

Asked by  bob.barr74324184100 on February 20, 2015

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