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Hi. I wish I had found this site years ago. And specifically your article on vitamin A toxicity. Do you know of any specific methods of dealing with suspected vitamin A toxicity other than supplementing with vitamin D? I have given my sosocid liver oil for years on the recommendation of my naturopath. He was in perfect health until this past year when he suddenly started contracting list of respiratory infections. I suspected low vitamin D and started supplementing him but only at an additional 800 IU. He was still getting cod livet oil. I bought your home test and he was at a 40. I tested him again this summer and he was at 23. That was a few months after he started feeling a weird tickling it vibration in his throat. After the second test I started to suspect vitaim a toxicity and upped his vitamin D to 2500 IU and got him in the sun as much as possible. By September he was back up at 36 according to your test and the throat vibration was gone. It seems to come back slightly is he has any preformed vitamin A so I have cut all dairy, eggs, butter, and commercial almond milk out of his diet. Anything else you can think of or research you can point me towards. I am getting no help from my doctors. What tests should I have done? Thank you so much for any wisdom you can share.

Asked by  Joanne on October 12, 2015

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