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Hi I have insomnia and I have had several sleep studies, which indicated mild sleep apnoea. This has now been corrected, however my insomnia is still bad, I had more tests done and I am Vitamin D deficient at 20 ng/ml (test was taken last September). Any way I have a problem taking vitamin D supplements, my sleep and pain definitely improve, however as I increase to one tablet 1000iu (started with 1/4 vitamin d3 K2 sublingual) I become more fatigue during the day, note I take the tablet sublingual early morning with magnesium spray on my legs. My blood pressure seems lower 89/48, I obviously need vitamin d3 for my sleep but how do I continue with it as it lowers my BP too much resulting in fatigue. Note I have tested this a number of times. Please help!!

Asked by  Mickey on January 19, 2015

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