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HI, I have been very low in vitamin D 2/5/2014 Vitamin D 10.1 30.0 – 100. 6/29/2016 Vitamin D 12.3 2/11/2017 Vitamin D 9 Every time I try to take vitamin D my whole body hurts!! I have to stop. I did some DNA testing & was told something about the VDR (I think) It was explained to me that the cells have like forks to catch the Vitamin D & mine are bent. This is why I get the pain but I was not told how to help this. Have you heard of this before? I was searching the internet & found a post about vitamin D causing pain & it states that it should only last a couple weeks, that it is the supplement getting back into your bones. I have tried all different types of vitamin D & I get the pain from all of it. Any information that yo can help me with would be greatly appreciated. I know I need to get my vitamin D higher. Thank You for your time, Lisa

Asked by  mtetent37626300 on February 14, 2017

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