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Hi, I am female, 24 year old living in India. I have a wheatish – medium brown skin. I used spend almost half to one hour everyday outside and rarely use sunscreen. I had joint pain started 11 months ago. It started first on my right knee and then affected all joints in both legs and hands. Had a throbbing pain in my arms and and stiffness in joints and my fingers used to curl inwards. I had a great difficulty in walking and using hands. At first the doctors prescribed medicines for arthritis. I had a lot of tests and 6 months ago finally I was diagnosed with vitamin d insufficiency. The test showed a 16ng/mL of vitamin D and adequate levels of calcium. My doctor prescribed me vitamin D3 with a dose of 60K IU per week and calcium. It went on for 2 months and the pain subsided quickly from the first week itself. I was back to normal life and then after 2 months of taking 60K IU per week, the doctor had asked me to take it once in a month. Then in the first month itself, the pain returned and since then I have been taking 60K IU /week again and now it had 5 weeks. I still have a lot of pain, now not only in joints but in ribs, back of neck, shoulder bones, vertebrae and almost every bones and muscles. I have pain in certain areas when I touch and I can see a slight red color sometimes on those places. I am not able to do anything with my hands as they quickly aches. And I have a sudden severe pain along my legs, especially on knees when I walk. I can't sit even for a while as my upper back aches. I still spend a lot of time in sunshine and take 60K IU/ week and I have no other health issues except that I am slightly anemic. I have no idea about what should I do. I do my PG in engineering and not able to attend classes and do my studies properly. Expecting suggestions and advices from experts and those who have/had similar difficulties. Thank you.

Asked by  radhikae9194711700 on January 1, 2016

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