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Hi everyone, first I'd like to say thank you for all you do spreading awareness on Vitamin D. I have a question about my levels, and how to get them higher. My current blood test is 46.2 ng/ml, which puts me in the 40-60 ng/ml range that's recommended. However I'd like to get my levels up to 80-100 ng/ml. I take 10,000 IU daily with a fat containing meal. I just started taking 10,000 IU daily a few weeks ago. In order to get my blood levels up to 80-100 ng/ml, what would a 175 lb male have to take to increase it to 80-100 ng/ml? I read a study ("Vitamin D Supplement Doses and Serum 25­Hydroxyvitamin D in the Range Associated with Cancer Prevention" in The Journal of Anticancer Research) showing that intake of 10,000 IU is needed to get to at least 40 ng/ml in a population group, and intakes of up to 40,000 IU are unlikely to result in toxicity. So my question is to get to a Vitamin D level of 80-100 ng/ml, how much more Vitamin D3 would I need to take? Thank you!

Asked by  AlexanderDavid on January 16, 2015

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