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Hello people! I hope that someone could help me out. I have crohns disease and other funky stuff happening to my body. I´m very overweight 120kg, doing a fast soon, but first 1-2weeks of only fruit. I´ve always been in the lower level of my bloodtest for vitamin D. When I first tested I was below normal I believe around 50nmol/L and then I got a period of UVB-therapy and bumped up to over 100nmol/L. But the doctor who sent me to the UVB-therapy in the first place stopped the treatment. She also started to question the fact that vitamin D would help my crohns, which one of the worlds foremost gastroent. told me, since it´s intracellular capacity etc. And now recently I´m at 73-75nmol/l and want to bump it up and keep myself over 100, hopefully 150ish since I have IBD. With everything in mind and the fact that I might not get the UVB-therapy again, what supplement would be the "best" most easily absobant for people like that have a damaged gut? I´m not sure it´s of interest, but I read something regarding vitamin d, kalcium and kidney stones. I actually have problems with kidneystones. I have a couple of very small ones that the hospital wont treat.

Asked by  sir.clausin93182600 on January 30, 2017

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