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Hello Dr. Sir, please take a look at my history and any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. I am 27 yrs old male. 1) When I was 15 I started to walk with waddling gate. 2) My height stopped at 5'6". 3) I started to get depressive. 4) I started getting grey hair on my scalp. All of that happened when I was 15. Few years later my hair started thinning. There is so little change in my hairline that it can hardly fit in the male pattern of hairloss. The major change is behind the hairline, the top of my head and the back area. I believe it has to do with calcium and vitamin D levels. My vitamin D level was 25 ng/ml (normal: 30-100) Parathormone: 109 pg/ml (normal: 10-69) All those values are in normal range now but I have been using minoxidil and I need your suggestion on my condition. Do you believe it's not male pattern baldness but another condition? Thanks again.

Asked by  Jake on January 17, 2017

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