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Hello Dr I would really appreciate any advice on my situation as I am desperate. I have been ill for the last 3 months since taking an antibiotic which I have since learnt depletes calcium,magnesium ,b12 & b6 & folate. My symptoms are fatigue,muscle weakness,constant tingling limbs & face,twitching, burning pain etc. My bloods show vit d level of 19 (48). I am coeliac & already take calcichew daily which has 800iu d3 plus calcium as I cannot absorb it through diet. My GP does not accept that I need a loading dose despite my symptoms. I want to increase my intake. How much would you recommend & should I take d3 only or d3with calcium? I'm also concerned that I have other deficiencies. I am waiting for homocysteine & MMR test. Results thankyou

Asked by  Myrtle13 on November 14, 2014

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