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Good afternoon, I am 48 years old and 5 years ago I had an colorectal cancer. After two operations, several treatments of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and a precocious monopausa, today I am suffering a lot with esteoporose. I have a vitamin D deficiency, gave my exam: 30.2ng / mL. My doctor prescribed me 3 drops (cholecalciferol; Vigantol; 0.5 mg / ml) and (+ Cholecalciferol Calcium Carbonate, Calcium D. And told me to take one once a year (Aclasta) intravenously. I am very scared of this medicine, all my medical history. I need to hear more opinions. Excuse my English. I am Portuguese. well there Isabel Cruz

Asked by  IsabelCruz on November 9, 2014

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