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For many years now I'm experiencing burning-like sensation on mostly on my neck toes and fingers. It is worsening all the time, but MRI and EKG that doctors sent me to, came back normal. For some time I took very big dosage of Parabentin, which didn't affect me even slightly. Now they gave me duloxetine which is Antidepressant, and while it doesn't help me with the sensation it makes me feel dizzy and I'm having mini panic attacks now and then so I don't want to continue taking it. Now I found information about Vitamin D deficiency that can cause exactly the same problems I'm having, like the sensation that I mentioned, sleeping disorder (it's never enough for me), some sex problems (usually that I just don't want any sex). I checked my D levels and it's showing 11 ng/ml while minimum is 20. So could it be that for all that time I was having vitamin deficiency problem? And if yes, what should I do? My DR says there's no connection between D and nerves, so she wont help me with that, she just isn't aware.

Asked by  skolzashiy05386100 on August 29, 2015

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