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Dr. Cannell, I'm Diego D'Urso, I'm writing from the south of Italy. My daughter – 2,5 years old- shows autism spectrum disorders. At the moment she's following a 15 h/week ABA therapy path (since past January and without any significant improvement). I know that the autism spectrum disorders have still not a wellknown antecedent and the Litterature analyzes AS disorders reffering them to few concurrent factors; so it seems to me that each individual is or can be different from the others; this pushes me to find an alternative and complementary treatment which can be particularly suited for my little child. I would like to ask which starting bloodtest parameters are to be analyzed (e.g. at least the vitamin D blood level) and which medical protocol is to be followed in order to assess and then implement the vitamin D supplementation. Sincerely your, Diego D'Urso

Asked by  ddurso16776400 on March 11, 2015

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