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Do I need to take more than I was prescribed? 50,000 weekly. I was recently tested for vitamin D, and am a level 8, severely deficient. I have been experiencing many of the symptoms for a couple of years (since I had my baby) – fatigue, bone aches & muscle spasms, depression, and recently pneumonia and incontinence. I'm a mess. I am overweight and live in the Pacific Northwest. I was perscribed 50,000 iu for 8 weeks. Do I need more since I am overweight and get very little sun where I live? I also began taking calcium and magnesium. Also, my mother who is passed away from cancer was also deficient, and had every ailment listed. I am feeling like my mom. Thank you so much.

Asked by  ddragonstyle07338900 on February 26, 2015

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