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Dear Vitamin D Council, i'm 28 years old and have been experiencing increasing fatigue, joint pain and muscle weakness for nearly three years. I recently insisted on a Vitamin D test and my results were 9.4 nmol/litre (calcium levels were normal). My doctor has prescribed strong supplements for two weeks but hasn't given any other advice and doesn't seem to be taking the results very seriously. I feel like this could explain all the pain i've been experiencing and have a follow up appointment tomorrow evening but was wondering whether you could advise on any other tests I should ask for (I read the B12 and thyroid issues sometimes goes hand in hand with Vitamin D). I was also hoping you might have some idea of how long it takes to begin to feel better and what kind of maintenance dose I should be taking after the two week period is over? Many thanks for any advice you have.

Asked by  cara.acred71210900 on March 26, 2015

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