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Can I take a shower after my sun bathing? Or should I wait few hours before it? Thanks. Ana.

Asked by  Ana on November 18, 2014

  •  Ana on

    See title

    Answered by  Ana on
  •  rhennessey@outlook.com on

    Based upon the research I have seen, shower will not change a thing. Sorry I don’t have it handy. Interesting thought though and if anyone has information contrary I’d welcome that. interesting.

    Answered by  rhennessey@outlook.com on
  •  tanlines on

    The top layers of skin, aka ‘the horny layer’ are all dead skin cells and have no effect on Vitamin D production. Vitamin D is converted lower in the live skin cells.

    This thought may have started when Coppertone and other tanning lotions included ‘self tanner’ ingredients in the formulation. They require 3-4 hours to activate in the skin, hence the ‘Don’t shower right after sun exposure’ may have started.

    Hope this helps

    Answered by  tanlines on

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