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around 5 weeks ago I had my blood level of vitamin D tested by my Dr (at Kaiser Permanente) 25 OH test results were 57ng/ml . I was taking 2000 iu with about 900 mg of calcium. Based on what I heard were the results of testing the blood levels of a group of modern hunter gatherers (80 to 100 ng/ml), I decided I wanted to increase my blood level. I upped my dosage to 9000 iu of D3 without increasing my calcium intake. I also started to take some K3 and magnesium at the same time. I just got my test results back from an update blood level test. It showed that I went from 57 to 56 ng/ml. Sun exposure the same (almost non existent) and all other diet factors unchanged. I stick fairly closely to the Mind Diet.

Asked by  robertjmjrs38499500 on November 11, 2015

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